I am a Sports Dietitian with 14 years experience as the Army’s fitness & nutrition expert. I am the world’s biggest motivator, who STARTED running at 49, and cannot stop. My 700-person running group “Turnbull Trails Road Runners” began in 2013 when I returned from a deployment and missed running with a battle buddy. Now I have a tribe!

I started running a little over a year ago at the age of 47 with a goal of improving my overall fitness after losing a significant amount of weight. I fell in love with running while training for the Surf City Sundown 2019, my first race ever. Looking forward to my ultimate goal, a marathon in 2021!

My name is Andrea Lawson and I have been running for about eight years. I started running once I finished graduate school and asked myself, what next? What sort of goals can I set that will get me out of my office chair? I am proud to be a Type One Diabetic, Master’s, middle of the pack runner!

I believe that no matter your age, background, experience, or ability, everyone can start running, and you’ll always find a place in the running community to embrace you. I started running late in life, at first just to lose weight, but soon after I fell in love not only with running but also being around with like-minded people, since then I have never looked back. I love the adrenaline rush I get on a race- from the start to the finish; crossing the finish line and celebrating our achievement with other runners is an experience like no other.

I run for both physical and mental well-being and have done so for over 40 years. I love to train for marathons and you can find me doing so most mornings along the bike path in HB.